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Thank You

A big thank you to those who attended our presentation at Running USA 2024.  To view the presentation, click the graphic below. Please share the presentation with anyone you feel may benefit from it. 

Ask a Question

We want to help event owners with succession planning, a potentially intimidating process that we all will inevitably have to go through someday.  There is limited information available on this topic and we want to help change that.  

Please submit your question about event valuation, the acquisition process or anything else related to succession planning below.  We’ll do our best to help!

Additional Resources

As themes emerge based on the questions we receive, we will update this page with additional resources.

Please take a look at our first resource which is an article explaining the value of measuring Net Promoter Score (NPS). 

About Capstone Event Group

Capstone stewards events with a rich history serving their communities, offering those events a long term home while honoring the things that make each event unique and special.