About Us

Our Mission

We believe that every runner brings a unique story to the start line. We honor each of those stories by creating memorable experiences that have a lasting impact on participants. We exist to build and steward a portfolio of events that are indispensable in their respective communities and in the lives of our participants.

Our Team

Our team and our community (that’s you!), are the reasons we have been able to steward our portfolio of running events successfully for over ten years. Together, our diverse team of dedicated professionals share a common goal: to empower individuals to lead healthier, happier lives. With a shared commitment to excellence, collaboration, and continuous improvement, we’re driven to make a positive impact in the world.


Charlie Mercer

Charlie started Capstone in an effort to do something entrepreneurial in the wellness industry.  It didn’t take long for him to fall in love with running events.  After ten years,  he can’t imagine doing anything else.


Blake Shelton

Blake is a recovering competitive runner who is now working in a career that his high school self wouldn’t believe. He lives with his wife, child, dog and two cats.

He is not the country music star.

Vice President

Greyson Feurer

Greyson has served Capstone for 5 years as the perfect example of calm, cool, and collected. This fan of NC State athletics is also a listener of “Sad Dad” music, and a proponent of eating salads without dressing.

Director of Operations

Jenna Peterson

Marathon runner turned race organizer who lives for snuggles from her two young children, the first sip of coffee, and Buffalo Bills victories. She’s a fan of to-do lists, post-race chocolate milk, and the energy and magic of the start line!

Customer Experience Manager

Cory Michel

Cory is pretty strategic,
Not so comedic.
Decently creative,
Less communicative.
Loves to share the stories,
Of runners and their glories.

Senior Brand Strategist

Eric Richard

Eric likes long walks on the course and setting up tents in the rain. Not only is he in the top 5% of Uhaul renters nationwide, but he is also in the top 1% of Spotify Listeners for his band Three on the Tree.

Operations Manager

Jess Hardy

Jess is a former teacher turned Operations mastermind. She loves dogs and all fluffy creatures but don’t let that fool you, she owns her own set of power tools and can MacGyver just about anything needed for race day!

Operations Manager

Leslie Thorpe

Leslie is our resident cycling coach and Ironman competitor. With a diet of fruit strips, turkey burgers (no bun) and Celsius energy drinks, she is fueled for success and performance at all times. LET’S RIDE!

Operations Manager

Ryan Anderson

This former middle school band director, turned business man, is truly the Jack of All Trades. He has dipped his toe in just about every hobby imaginable and spends his days singing in his office (to his coworkers’ delight)!

Business Development Manager

Anna Duke

When Anna isn’t working the customer service table, she’s probably running! Anna lives and breathes this sport, and if you want to geek out about running shoe specs and Garmin watch data, she’s your go-to!

Communications Associate

Celia Mitchell

A Meredith College Angel, Celia is a running veteran! She has completed 25 marathons and 50 half-marathons, qualifying for Boston 5 years in a row. In her semi retirement, she enjoys biking, NCAA football, Basketball and Lacrosse.

Volunteer Coordinator