Why Are You Running?

Everyone has a reason for running with us in the Gratitude for Graduates Virtual Run.Whether you are celebrating your own graduation, the accomplishments of a loved one or just want to run for fun, your reason is special and is what gets you through the run.

We’ve enjoyed reading each of your reasons so we decided to share them with our runners to help motivate your run. Check out your fellow runners reasons why below:

James of VA – For my Son Sean Mcauley High School at Thomas Dale High School

Kindra of AZ – Melissa Upton Graduated from the University of Arizona and Steven Upton graduated the fire academy to become a firefighter!!! They both are rockstars!!

Emily of SC – Supporting all the 2020 graduates.

Valerie of CA – Some of my fellow Soldiers are graduating. I am also graduating from my military education.

Melissa Gill of CA – Claudia Diane Galliani is graduating from UC Santa Cruz and I want to do this in celebration and recognition of her achievements.

Josh of SC – Fun

Leslie of GA – I like to run and you’re going to give $6 of it to charity. Why not?

Amy of NC – I am running for my brother’s girlfriend; Olivia. She graduated with her Master’s this year. She worked hard for 3 years and deserves to be recognized!

Ric of SC – I am proudly running to honor my niece; Maycen Raycroft. She is graduating from college without a ceremony for the spring semester. We love her and are proud of her accomplishments!

Sara of NC – I just graduated May 8th with my third Master’s degree! My best friend (doing this run together!) graduated the same day with her second Master’s degree. We both work in education and have taught; worked with; coached; or been an administrator to many of this year’s graduates.

Kristen of NC – I graduated from UNC Greensboro with my Master’s of Administration degree on May 8th! I am running to celebrate my graduation.

Andrew of NC – To honor Emma Johnson; who recently graduated from Dental School.

Jeni of SC – My youngest cousin graduated from high school this year

Heather of SC – I’m running to salute our graduate Matthew Webster. He’s graduating the 12th grade from Hartford Technical High School.__We couldn’t be more proud you Boo Boo! We love you and will be on your crusade to save the planet; one foot in front of the other.

Debbie of KY – I am running for my son; Dallas; who has now graduated from Bellarmine University without a ceremony because of Covid 19
RODRIGO of CA Half Marathon I am running for my son: Rodrigo Alvarez Jr ; he is graduating from Amador Valley High School; to show him how much it matters to me that he is graduating and give him the medal and diploma

Cecily of CA – For my daughter; Pepper! Kinder graduate!!

Lenore of CA – I teach high school. I am running to honor the students who I was an advisor for when they were 9th and 10th graders and now they are graduating. I am SO proud of them and want to do something to show my love.

Emily of MO – My daughter is a high school senior graduating this spring; I’m running for her!

John of SC – Son is graduating

Ken of TX – I am proudly running for my nephew; Jackson Raycroft. He is graduating from high school Magna Cum Laude and will be playing soccer in the fall as a freshman at Beloit College. Big hugs and love from Texas and Congratulations.

Connie of CA – I’m running the half mararhon to honor my son Matthew for graduating high school. I’m so proud of you!__You worked so hard to get accepted into UCLA ; the least I can do is run strong for you!

Angeles of CA – My nephew; Ismael Herrera; 12th grade; Sr; High School Graduate. I run because I’m super proud of all his accomplishments including overcoming serios kidney problems while maintaining an overall 3.5 GPA throughout his high school__Years!

Sankar of NC – My Son Keshav S Ramesh is graduating from High School And is headed to UNC Chapel Hill for his college

Akila of NC – My son Keshav Ramesh is graduating from High School and headed to UNC Chapel Hill

Katrina of NC – I want to participate in a run! And I like the idea of celebrating the graduates in my neighborhood. I will be running to celebrate the 2020 graduates of Cleveland High School (Johnston County; NC) and North Carolina State University.

Conor of CA – I am running to celebrate my graduation from Archbishop Riordan High School

Mike of NC – My son Will Sandin who graduated from UNC-G. Go Spartans

melissa of NC – For my daughter Torie Boyte. She’s graduating from North Carolina State! I’m running to show her how proud I am of her!

Zach of SC – I graduated with my Masters in Project Management this year and I want to celebrate it!

Jeff of NC – To honor my daughter upon her graduation from App State.

Jen of NC – I am a 2020 Grad and this will be like my march across the stage to get my diploma!

Rachel of NC – I graduated from undergrad at UNC Chapel Hill!

Jen of SC – My daughter Kate Spychalski is a graduate of Wando HS class of 2020

Laura of SC – My brother graduated high school this year with no ceremony. I’m running for him!
Leticia of NC – My 2 nieces: Yvelis Rivera for her Bachelors in Science in Biology and Chloe Browne from Wake Forest High School

Cindy of SC – I’m running for my daughter Kristi Lee Kirkland; she’s graduating from High School.

Suzanne of NC – I’m running for my beautiful daughter Sydney who is graduating from Franklin Academy High School.

Ann of SC – My daughter; Jordan Ross graduated from College of Charleston this year 2020. I too graduated from College of Charleston in 1994 so this graduation was very special to us! Super proud of her!! She is now at Paul Mitchell in Charleston pursuing her dream of becoming a cosmetologist.

Mary of CA – Honoring my niece who is graduating high school

Brett of CA – My niece is graduating high school!

mavis of NC – Running for my cousin; Truman; high school senior

Deepak of NC – This is to honor the 3 girls Sapna; Esha and Divya graduating from Chapel Hill; Green Hope and Enloe respectively. They are like daughters to me and this is a little tribute from their uncle for their major milestone and for a healthy-happy life ahead.

Joel of NC – Daughter Elizabeth Rivers who graduates this year with a Masters Degree 🙂

Louis of NC – My two grand kids graduating high school.

Padma of NC – Sapna from UNC chapel hill.

Lakshmi of NC – Running for Esha Srinivasan who graduated high school

Stephanie of NC – I’m running this virtual race for my son; Justin Brown; who graduates from high school in 2020.

Rosalita of IL – I am running for my son; Emajh J. Donaldson. He graduated from Ball State University with Honors. I am extremely proud of his accomplishment.

Jenni of VA – I am running for my daughter who is a graduating Senior – Class of 2020 Hickory High School in Chesapeake; VA.

Megan of SC – ME! College x2!

Michael of NJ – My daughter Madeline Lynch

Simone of CA – I’m running to honor the amazing high school achievements of Makayla Mowe class of 2020. I’m so proud of this young lady and I’m thrilled to be running on behalf of her.

Jerry of CA – To Honor my daughter Mia who is graduating Los Altos High School and will be attending UC Berkeley in the fall

Alexis of CA – My Sister-in-Law is graduating with her Bachelors of Science from the University of Utah in Sociology and Psychology

Rick of MO – My son graduated with a BS in civil engineering

Elaine of CA – Myson is graduating from college

Grinje of CA – My nephew Paul is graduating from Epiphany Elementary School and will be entering high school next year. I run to show my nieces and nephews that when you set a goal you must also finish strong.

Leslie of CA – The kids on my block

Terri of VA – My son has graduated from Fauquier High School; Warrenton; Virginia. Running to honor him.

Brian of NC – My daughter is graduating from 5th grade and moving up to Middle School

Allyson of CA – I’m running to honor my niece; Devin Wiseberg; who’s graduating from high school! __So proud of you; Dev!

Ami of CA – My two sons are graduating this year from high school and college. I’m running for them in celebration of all their hard work!__I’m running for Nathan & Trevor Hodge

JAIME of CA – My son Estevan Huerta just graduated from Long Beach State with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting ! I RUN for him to show how proud I am of him on this great accomplishment.

Barbara of CA – Congratulations to my daughter for completing K-5th grade in a language immersion program; and to all the graduates in any grade this year who have worked hard to get to the finish line!

Rob of CA – I’m running to honor my niece; Devin Wiseberg; who’s graduating from high school!!

Kylie of CA – For two reasons: I am showing love for the 8th graders at my school who do not get to participate in our annual graduation ceremony. I’m also running for anyone who would be normally participating in once-in-a-lifetime events celebrating their accomplishments whether that’s from preschool; elementary/middle/high school; college; or grad school. They deserve high honors!!

Dorothy of MD – I am running for Emily. So proud of her graduating with the 7th highest GPA in her class!

Shelley of FL – Ethan is graduating from high school and from Valencia College

Brian of TN – My daughter is graduating High School this year. Allison Lockhart graduating from Girls Preparatory School; in Chattanooga; TN. I’m running the race because 1. i’m a runner and 2. this seems like a cool idea for a race!

Jayna of CA – I’m running for my daughter Megan Lloyd who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. She studied hard and played four years of college soccer and was able to graduate with Magna Cum Laude honors. So proud of you; Megan!

Jordan of KS – Running to honor all of the 2020 graduation class.

Rachel of VA – I graduated May 2020 with for my Masters!

Sandra of CA – I’m running for my son; a class of 2020 graduate who had his Senior year cut short. He is graduating from LHS in Livermore; CA.

Kris of NM – In honor of Holly’s graduation from High School

Michelle of NC – I’m running to celebrate my daughter Alia’s graduation from Chapel Hill High School! She will be attending UNC in the fall and I am so very proud of all she’s already accomplished.

Suzann of GA – Supporting!! <3

Heather of NC – To show support for Landon Via who’s graduating High School and all graduates ud83cudf93 of 2020. They are truly unique in every way.

Amy of NC – Matt is graduating from high school

Travis of NC – My best friend’s daughter Grace is graduating from High School
Malene of PA – Kaleb Thomas 12th Grade

Emily of PA – To recognize my son Kaleb Thomas who is graduation from the 12th grade!

Sarah of SC – I am a 2020 college graduate from Charleston Southern University and want to honor all the seniors who graduated in such an unprecedented time in history. This is our chance to run and prove to the world how strong we are. I run to not only honor my body; but to honor everyone who has championed the 2020 seniors; including myself; to this point in our lives.

Deborah of SC – 1. Running for my son who has graduated from Navy boot camp and A School this year. He recently promoted to Fire Controlman Petty Officer Third Class; FC3 Jason Croxton. __2. I anticipate completing my coursework in October for earning a second M.S. degree. I am a Liberty University Online graduate student majoring in Exercise Science and Wellness with a Human Performance Concentration. Additionally; I am a Stage IV thriving metastatic breast cancer survivor. My goal is to run a 12 5Ks within one year. This will be #8 🙂

Lance of CA – my Daughter is a High School Senior and I am running this in her honor. As everyone is aware; this class was stripped of all of their end of High school activities and events. Its the least I can do to show how much we care about her and the whole class of 2020
Grace of CA – I graduated with my Masters in Nursing Education and Leadership but my ceremony got cancelled!

Jonathan of CA – Just Graduated Highschool; class of 2020!

Richard of CA – My son is graduating from High School

Masha of CA – While I am a graduating senior from Dublin High; I’m running for my friends; teachers; and family that helped me become the person I am today and supported me through every endeavor. Thank you!!

Amy of CA – I’m running for my son; Jackson McNece; he’s a graduating High School senior from Woodland Christian High School. I am also running for my daughter; Lila McNece; she’s graduating from Elementary School and going into Junior High. I’m running because we ALL need a medal after completing this year…

Jason of CA – Spencer Stockwell; graduating High School. He’s taken me to Bay to Breakers past few years.

Margaret of NC – Adam Hernandez Graduating from NC State University Poole School of Business- Master’s Degree in Accounting. I am running to show how proud I am of the effort he has put forth always.

Melissa of CA – My daughter; Makayla Gier; is a 2020 Middle School graduate

Makayla of CA – I am a 2020 Middle School graduate

Joseph of CA – To honor my son Lorenzo Mack for graduating Bayside Middle School 8th grade. He is starting High school next year

Wendy of NJ – For my daughter’s graduation from Livingston; HS (NJ) – Devin Wiseberg Class of 2020! So proud! Our whole family from all of the country will run/walk on the same day completing 1-2 marathons!

Paris of OR – My daughter graduated both from her 4-year college – NAU – and finished her EMT school at the same time. I also have several nieces and nephews who graduated from college this year; several friends kids graduating. I’m honoring them especially but really all graduating seniors both college and high school. It’s a crappy way to try and enter the working world and although this won’t likely help I want to show my support to all of them that I appreciate the predicament they are in and honor their accomplishments!

Ralph of CA – Fitness and charity__Bitty Eschenbach – Nursing School; Arizona

Rose of MA – Running for grandson; Cexarles S. Weldon; graduating from high school.



Jennifer of CA – I just graduated from college and wanted to commemorate it with this run

Devin of NJ – I’m graduating from high school!!

Mercedes of CA – For my granddaughter and great grandson.

Suzanne of CA – Roxanne Kohlmeyer

Kim of CA – Kat Amine – Senior at Monte Vista – to honor and celebrate this amazing young lady

Shay of OR – Celebrating my daughter graduating Suma Cum Laude

crystal of DE – All Covid grads!!