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What is BibPass?

BibPass is your ticket to the best races, at the lowest prices, with the ultimate flexibility. 

Choose the monthly subscription that gives you access to our entire running portfolio for only $16.50 a month. Your monthly payments start one month after your first race. 

Or choose the 3 race bundle that gives you access to any three races in our entire running portfolio for a one-time fee of $149.

How do I purchase BibPass?

How does BibPass work?

3-Race Bundle:

Join BibPass and pay a one-time fee of $149 for three races.

Monthly Subscription:

You join BibPass today, free of charge. You pay nothing until the month after you run your first race with BibPass. After that, you just pay $16.50 per month as long as your BibPass subscription is active.

For example, if you join BibPass today, and your first race is in the month of June, you won’t be charged your first monthly payment until July 1.

*Note: In order to set up your subscription and verify your payment method, we will be required to collect a nominal amount from you today when you sign up for BibPass ($1). That $1 will be refunded to you in no less than 3 business days. You will not be charged ANYTHING else until after you complete your first BibPass race.

**Note: In the future, there will be a $100 activation fee to join BibPass. But as a member of our pilot group, you are not subject to that activation fee. When you click to join BibPass, you will see the $100 activation fee deducted from your registration at checkout. As a pilot group member you are NOT subject to the activation fee. However, if you elect to cancel your BibPass membership and restart it in the future, you may be subject to the standard activation fee.

How much does it cost?

The BibPass monthly subscription is just $16.50 per month. For a low monthly payment you have access to unlimited racing. Register for races any time you want.

The BibPass 3 race bundle is only a one-time fee of $149, which gives you access to any three of our running events in North America.

How do I register using BibPass?

Once you purchase BibPass you will need to register for your desired races through their individual registration forms. Make sure to use the email address associated with your BibPass to automatically apply a unique code to the registration form and remove the registration fee.

You can easily see and register for each event through your Runner Profile under “Upcoming Events”. 

Will I receive a refund for previous registration outside of BibPass?

No, you will not receive a refund for any registrations/purchases that were made before you purchased BibPass. Your BibPass savings start once you purchase the pass and start registering for future races.

What races are included in the BibPass?

Any race that is currently open for registration in our Capstone Races Portfolio.

Click here to see the full list of race.

How do I know BibPass is for me?

BibPass lets YOU take control of your race schedule.

  • No more worrying about artificial ‘price increases’
  • No more worrying about getting injured and having to defer
  • No more worrying if you selected a high quality event

If you want the freedom and flexibility to run what you want, where you want, when you want (and save money in the process!)… BibPass is for you!

Click here to join BibPass waitlist

When do I have to register for a race?

You can register for any BibPass as long as that race is accepting registrations. Typically each of our events stop accepting registrations the day before the event.

Is there a limit to the number of races I can register for?

With the monthly subscription, you can register for every race if you wish. With the 3 race bundle, you can choose any three races in our portfolio.

Is BibPass refundable?

Due to the nature of the monthly subscription, we aren’t able to offer refunds. However, you pay NOTHING until you actually complete a race and you can cancel anytime.

The 3-race bundle gives you confidence with our First Race Guarantee. Receive a full refund at any time up until your first race day, no questions asked.

Can I cancel my BibPass?

The BibPass subscription aims to offer you unmatched flexibility in your racing. So it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t let you cancel your BibPass subscription anytime. You can cancel your BibPass monthly subscription membership through your Runner Profile.

You can cancel your 3-race bundle any time up until your first race day, no questions asked.

Do you offer a student discount / military discount on BibPass?

We do not offer a Student or Military discount on BibPass. The price per race when signing up with BibPass is already discounted.

Does BibPass cover any extra add-on options? Ex. iTAB, bib mailing, etc.

BibPass only covers the race registration fee of all qualifying races. Additional “add on” purchases will be charged when registering for individual races.

Does my BibPass need to be active on race day?

Yes, your BibPass needs to be active on race day. You will be able to purchase races past your BibPass expiration, but you must renew your BibPass before race day in order to run the race.

How can I see if I have a BibPass?

You can view your BibPass status within your Runner Profile.

Click here to view your profile and see the “My BibPass” section.

Can I share my BibPass with someone else?

No. The email address that you use to purchase BibPass is assigned a unique code and can only be used once per event.

How can I change my distance or cancel a race registration?

You will need to complete the change distance form that is associated with the your specific event. To cancel your registration, you will need to visit your Runner Profile to cancel your existing registration(s).

Will I receive race credit for my deferral?

No, deferring from a race that was registered for using BibPass does not create any race credit.

I can no longer attend the event I registered for using my BibPass. Can I change registration for another event?

Yes, you register for any of the races that qualify without a limit. You can let us know you will no longer be attending the race by completing that races deferral form.

What happens to my registration if my race is canceled?

In the event your race is canceled due to reasons beyond our control, your BibPass will remain active and you will need to abide to that individual races procedures. You will not receive a refund for your pass. If the option is available, you will be able to complete your run virtually for no extra charge.

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