Packet Pick-up & Bib Mailing

Packet Pick-Up

Packet Pick-Up:

Bib Mailing

The deadline to purchase bib mailing is Friday, November 10th at noon. 

  • If you purchased bib mailing before the deadline, your bib will be delivered in the mail before race day!
  • If you did not purchase bib mailing, you will need to attend the in-person Packet Pick-Up (details about PPU will be added soon).

Please Note: If you elected to have your bib mailed to you, you will receive your participant shirt and race medal (medal for half marathon participants only) after the race. You will only receive your bib in the mail, not your participant swag!

Bib Mailing FAQs

My race bib was mailed, when/where will I get my shirt?
Your shirt will be available for pick up following the race at the Customer Service tent.

My bib is being mailed to me. Do I need to attend Packet Pick-Up?
There are only TWO instances where you’d need to attend Packet Pick-Up, which are:

  1. You’ve changed your distance following the November 10th bib mailing deadline. You will not be mailed the correct race bib for your distance and will need to attend Packet Pick-Up to receive the correct bib.
  2. Your race bib doesn’t arrive to you by the evening of Thursday, November 30th. Our team will need to assign you a new race bib.

How do I add bib mailing to my registration?

  • If you have not registered yet, you will be given the option to add it at registration.
  • If you have registered, you can add it to your current registration by clicking the button below!