Half, 10k & 5k

Start and Finish Line Location

The Start & Finish Line is located at Johnson Volvo Cars Durham:

Race Start Times

Half Marathon: 8:00am

10k: 8:10am

5k: 8:20am

Time Limits

The time limit for the half marathon is 3 hours and 30 minutes, which is a 16-minute per mile pace. The cutoff time is determined by our event permit, which permits us to use the roads, police support and other city resources for a specified period of time. After the permitted period ends, roads will reopen and we will no longer be able to provide participants with critical course support, including road closures, police and medical coverage, hydrations stations and course markings.

When the course closes at the cutoff time, any remaining participants must move off of the roads and onto a sidewalk. Anyone who decides to utilize the course route before or after the permitted time will not be considered an active participant and must follow pedestrian laws. Participants who do not meet the cutoff time will not receive an official time.

Award Times

5k & 10k: 9:15am

Half Marathon: 10:00am