Parking, Traffic, & Road Closures

2023 Parking, Race Day Traffic, & Road Closures

Click the button below to view an interactive map of road closures and participant traffic along the course:


The Bull City Race Fest is produced in close partnership with the City of Durham, Durham Police, and the American Tobacco Campus. The half-marathon race starts at 7:30 AM on Blackwell Street.

This is a local community-building event that showcase the best parts of Durham, including many neighborhoods with churches. We are committed to providing the members of our community advance notice of roads impacted.

You will see the following appear around town in the weeks before the race:

  • Postcards mailed to every resident and business on or near the race course

Road Closures

Roads utilized for the race course will be closed and re-opened on a rolling basis as runners pass through the course. Most road closures will occur between 7-10:45 AM.

Downtown Durham will re-open to normal traffic procedures starting at 8:30 AM. All roads north of Main Street and Duke’s East Campus will re-open starting at 9 AM. All roads south of Main Street will have rolling closures from 9 AM to 10:45 AM.

Police and course monitors will be positioned at each intersection on the course. Detours and alternate routes will be supported by DPD & course marshals. At certain intersections, cars may be assisted across the course when deemed safe by the officer in charge. Please be patient as it may take a few minutes to find a large enough break in the participants to help you across.


First come, first served parking will be available to runners and spectators in the American Tobacco Campus North and South Parking Decks. Parking in the two decks listed below will be free on race morning.
These decks are less than a five minute walk from the start line. Due to the great parking location for this race, gear check will not be available.
We recommend all runners (both half marathoners and 5 milers) arrive by 7 AM.

Ride-Share/Drop-Off Location

If you are using a ride-share or being dropped off, you should also request to be dropped off at one of the above parking deck locations.