Course Information

** Please note: Courses will change for the 2021 event. We are finalizing the course details and will have them available to you soon. Stay tuned for updates.

Course Description

Each course was designed to showcase many of the focal points of the capital city, including Fayetteville Street and the State Capitol Building in downtown Raleigh, the Glenwood South restaurant district, Meredith College, NC State University, and the NC State Bell Tower. The courses show the diversity of Raleigh’s landscape, from modern city to wooded trails with a lakeside setting. Marathon runners will also be treated to a run on the Capital Area Greenway system.

The Raleigh City of Oaks Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k and Acorn 5k will be a USATF-sanctioned events and USATF-certified courses. The marathon is a Boston Marathon qualifier. The 2021 certification numbers will be available soon.

**Please note:  Pets (dogs, cats; etc.) are NOT PERMITTED to run on ANY of our courses.