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We most likely already have an answer here on our FAQ page.

How do I know if I am registered?

You will receive a confirmation email from ACTIVE.com with your registration information and a receipt email from support@active.com.

You can also confirm your registration by logging into your ACTIVE account at MyEvents.ACTIVE.com. Still not sure? Send us an email at registration@motivsports.com.

I am having trouble getting registered.  Can someone help me?
For online registration issues contact the ACTIVE Network’s customer support team at support@activenetwork.com or 877-228-4881.

How can I edit my registration?
Log into your MyEvents.ACTIVE.com account, find your race entry, and click the “Edit registration” button to make updates to your registration.  The deadline to make edits to your registration is October 19th, 2018.

Can I switch race distances?
Yes, you can always switch race distances if there is still capacity in the event you are looking to switch into.  Log into your MyEvents.ACTIVE.com account, find your race entry, and click the “Change category” button to make update to your registration.  The deadline to make edits to your registration is October 19, 2018.

  • Switching from a longer distance to a shorter distance: There is no fee to switch to a shorter distance.  There are no refunds for the difference in price between the two distances.
  • Switching from a shorter distance to a longer distance: You will be prompted to pay the difference in fee from the shorter distance to the current cost of the longer distance.
  • Late Category transfers: If you miss the deadline to change race distances, you will be able to make the change at the Expo for an administrative charge of $10 plus any additional price difference for longer distances.  You must run the race for which you are registered for or you may be disqualified.

How can I add Race Extras to my registration?
Race Extras can be selected during registration.  If you did not purchase at the time of registration, log into your MyEvents.ACTIVE.com account, find your race entry, and click the “Purchase merchandise” button to add Race Extras to your registration.

I can’t make the race.  What options do I have?
Entry fees are non-refundable.  We appreciate you, as our customer, and understand that sometimes you just can’t make the race. We have created a great policy that offers you several different options, in the event you cannot attend on race day. (You may choose only one of the options below.)

  • Defer Your Entry: You may defer your entry to the 2019 event.  Deferrals must be processed by the event registration team, and an administration fee of $25 will be charged. The deferral will expire after the 2019 event and you will not be able to defer your registration again.  Athletes may request a deferral by submitting an email request to registration@motivsports.com prior to October 14th, 2018.
  • Transfers: You may not give or sell your number to anyone else. However, bib transfers are allowed for an administration charge of $25 and must be processed through your ACTIVE MyEvents account no later than October 19th, 2018. If you transfer your bib, you will receive a refund (minus the $25 administration charge) once the new participant signs up. The new runner will need to pay the full entry fee at the time of the transfer.  Log into your MyEvents.ACTIVE.com account and select “Transfer registration” to begin the process.
  • Insurance: If you purchased Registration Protector insurance you may file a refund claim with Booking Protect.  All insurance claims and refunds go directly through Booking Protect. Submit a refund application: https://bookingprotect.com/refund/

Congratulations on signing up for the Bull City Race Fest!

Here are a few tips to ensure that you do your best on race day:

  • Try to get adequate rest, eat well and hydrate aggressively in the days before the race.
  • Warm up your muscles and stretch before the race to minimize risk of injury.
  • Utilize the aid stations on the course to drink plenty of fluids.
  • Notify any race volunteer promptly if you are having pain or not feeling well.

We will have Durham EMS and various medical volunteers on the course and at the finish to ensure your safety, and we will do our best to serve you.

Preparation and Safety

Runners participating in this race should have prepared adequately. During the month before the race, your training should include a minimum of two runs that are at least two-thirds the length of this race. Untrained entrants should not attempt the course.

Complete the emergency medical information field on the back of your race bib. Please leave your headphones at home (they’re allowed, but not encouraged).

Area Weather Information

If you have any health or pulmonary concerns which may be affected by air quality, visit the National Weather Service website at weather.noaa.gov or call 919-515-8209 ext. 1.

Fluid Replenishment

Know your own individual fluid replacement needs. You should ascertain how much fluid your body needs during your preparation for the race. Don’t become dehydrated. If you become thirsty, you are behind in fluid replenishment.

Drink up to 16 ounces of fluid (preferably a sports drink containing sodium and electrolytes) 2 hours before the race.

Water and sport drink will be available at all aid stations on the course and at the finish.

Recognition of Physical Problems

While every runner will experience varying degrees of discomfort, significant changes in physical status should be recognized. If in doubt, stop to ask for advice. Race officials and course marshals are in radio and telephone contact with our medical team. Ambulances and roving bike teams are located on the course.

Injured Runners

Injured runners will be transported either to the medical tent at the finish line or to a local hospital emergency room. In that event, Emergency Responders will determine the closest available hospital. All runners are asked to help by reporting injuries or downed runners to medical personnel, course marshals or aid station personnel along the course.

Notice: Any race official has the authority to remove any runner whom he/she feels is at medical risk.

Athlete Alerts

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