WHEN: September 20 – October 2, 2020
WHERE: Wherever

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We hope you held onto your Halloween costume, even though it’s so 2019—because you’ll need it for the first-ever virtual Bay to Breakers, the virus-free version of San Francisco’s celebrated 12k race.

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Bask in history.

More than a century of San Francisco tradition, and you can be part of it no matter where you are! This iconic race has been going on for 109 years, and we’re not going to stop now. Our virtual version will pack in all the community and craziness you’ve experienced or heard about in past live races. (You’ll get even more, actually, but try not to rub it in everyone’s faces.)

Drape yourself in swag.

The secret to a good look is layers, so be sure to sport all your race swag at the same time. You’ll get a Bay to Breakers T-shirt or tank top, medal, and bib—plus for the first time ever, we’re giving you a hoodie – just for you!

Pick your route.

The live Bay to Breakers route featured a monster hill that rises over 200 feet above sea level, but now you can choose your own difficulty level. Like a flat route? Want to race uphill in the snow both ways? Or maybe you prefer to stay home and sweat out the 12k on your treadmill. Whatever you want.

Not to mention, you won’t be penalized if you do your run at 8 pm. Not all of us are morning people.

Run weird.

Bay to Breakers is a celebration of life, laughter, and the personality of San Francisco. So slide into your costume, join our exclusive online community of racers, post your selfies and race times on social media, and wait for the adoring comments to start rolling in.

Need some costume inspo? Every day will have a different theme to help put your idea machine into high gear. Hint: We won’t make you dress up like a salmon on Day 7, but all things fishy will be highly encouraged.

See our FAQ page for more info, or just stop thinking and sign up already.

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